Contributing to soupault

Soupault is free and open-source software, open for contributions.

Contributing to the soupault code

Soupault source code is available in two equally official locations:

I keep those repositories in sync, and you can open a pull request in either of them.

Note that if you want to add a new built-in widget or make a big user-visible change, it’s better to discuss the idea with the maintainer first rather than make a patch right away.

Contributing to the website

The website source code, so far, is only on GitHub at dmbaturin/soupault, mainly due to its CI/CD setup that relies on GitHub Actions right now.

That should and will change, but it will take time. If you’d like an alternative way to contribute to it, let me know!

In any case, the website source is open for contributions and suggestions.

Contributing plugins

If you wrote a plugin that can be useful for other people, feel free to nominate it for the plugin directory.

At the moment, plugins are in the assets/files/plugins directory.

You can either open a pull request on GitHub or send a message to the mailing list or to me personally.