Soupault 4.2.0: profile option for hooks, new command line options, and bug fixes

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Soupault 4.2.0 is available for download from my own server and from GitHub releases. It adds a way to limit hooks to specific build profiles, introduces a few new command line options, and fixes a couple of bugs.

New features and improvements

Limiting hooks to build profiles

This is a new feature that borders on a bug fix. Page processing hooks were supposed to be configured almost like widgets so that people don’t need to learn two sets of options. In fact, internally, a lot of code is shared between widget and hook runners.

Still, I forgot one thing — support for limiting hooks to build profiles. You could specify that option, simply because you can specify any option in a widget or a hook (so that Lua plugins can definte their own options), but it wouldn’t have any effect. Well, now it does and works exactly like it does for widgets: if you specify profile = "foo" in a hook, then it will only run if you run soupault --profile live.

Note that you can specify more than one build profile, like soupault --profile staging --profile debug.

There’s also a new log message for hooks or widgets that are ignored due to build profile options, so it’s now easier to see why a hook or a widget doesn’t run.

New command line options

The --config option is an alternative to the older way to specify a custom config path — the SOUPAULT_CONFIG environment variable. That’s especially relevant on Windows, since mainstream Windows shells (cmd.exe and PowerShell) still don’t have a way to set an environment variable for a single command call.

The --version-number option outputs the soupault version number (like “4.2.0”) without any additional information, so if you need just the number, you can get it without using cut or awk.


Bug fixes