Soupault 4.0.1 maintenance release

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Soupault 4.0.1 is available for download from my own server and from GitHub releases. It's a small maintenance release that fixes two bugs: one introduced by the post-index hook implementation, and another one in indexing withhout clean URLs.

Correct URL field for pages when clean_urls = false

I have to admit I’m not using clean_urls = false in any of my own projects, and I sometimes neglect to test new features with clean URLs disabled. That’s why I never noticed that the url index field was incorrect for pages in that case. For example, /site/ would produce {"url": "/", ...} instead of expected "/foo.html.

Thanks to the report and testing from laumann, this oversight is fixed now.

Soupault no longer crashes when a page produces a completely empty index entry

The hook system was a big change, and, unfortunately, it introduced at least one bug. Soupault would crash when a page produced a completely empty index entry.

The reason for it was that index entry datastructure is first converted to a Lua value so that a Lua script in the post-index hook can process it, then it’s passed from Lua back to the OCaml code.

The problem is that conversion to Lua is “lossy”: there’s no difference between lists and dictionaries in Lua: everything is a table. Soupault uses a simple heuristic to recover the original type: if there aren’t any non-integer keys in a table, it’s considered a list.

However, for an empty Lua table that property is trivially true, so empty index entries would come back as lists instead of dictionaries. I anticipated that my code may be faulty and added a type check and an internal error to make soupault fail if that check fails. However, I considered that situation so unlikely that I didn’t even think to log the received value.

That is, until akavel ran soupault 4.0.0 on a website with an empty page and triggered the faulty assumption. Thanks to his report, I added a case to handle the ambiguity and produce correct result.

Soupault on OpenCollective

I also have to admit that with the huge 4.0.0 release, I completely forgot that I set up an organization for soupault on OpenCollective.

If you want to support soupault development, you can sponsor it on OpenCollective now.