Soupault 1.6.1 maintenance release

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Soupault 1.6.1 is a small maintenance release that fixes an issue with <noscript> tags inside includes and HTML snippets used by include and insert_html widgets. Those tags are now parsed correctly. You can download the updated executables from or install from opam.

A typical use case for it is like:

<script src="arcanoid.js"></script>
<noscript>Enable JavaScript to play the game</noscript>

Soupault's HTML parser incorrectly assumed that noscript tags are only allowed in the page head and made a misguided attempt to correct the snippet by inserting a body element in it. That would result in a page with one body element nested in another. The maintainer resolved the issue quickly, and now snippets for analytics services etc. should just work.

An interesting fact for geeks is that Windows binaries are now built on a GNU/Linux host, using MinGW binutils and the OCaml cross-toolchain. While OCaml tools make cross-compilation dead simple, you still need cross-versions of every library your project uses, and the opam-cross-windows repository has been lacking, so I'd have to cross-compile everything locally. Instead, I took time to package the missing libs for opam-cross-windows, so when the pull requests are verified and merged, everyone will be able to build a Windows version with just dune build -x windows on an all free software system.