Soupault 2.8.0 release

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Soupault 2.8.0, is available for download from my own server and from GitHub releases. It adds new options for displaying the default and the effective (i.e. user-defined values plus defaults) configurations and a few bug fixes.

New features

Options to show default and effective configuration

There are now two options that make configuration defaults easy to observe. The first one is soupault --show-default-config—it prints the config file that soupault --init would generate. There’s nothing fancy about it, it outputs the same hardcoded string that the init function would.

The second option is soupault --show-effective-config and it’s much more interesting. Its goal is to show the configuration data actually used by soupault. That is, if an option is set in soupault.conf, then the user-defined value is displayed, if an option is undefined, then its default value is displayed (if it has a default value).

Right now --show-effective-config only shows default option values in the [settings] table, which I think is a good step forward. The plan for future releases is to make it work for the [index] settings (including index views) and for built-in widgets.

Since Lua plugins can have their own hidden defaults, that functionality will never be totally complete, but if it makes configuration more observable, that’s already something.

Additionally, this website build will soon use --show-default-config for generating default config data for the reference manual, so that section will be automatically up to date with the current soupault version.

Configuration defaults available to plugins

The main reason --show-effective-config wasn’t implemented earlier is that originally the TOML data loaded from soupault.conf was only converted to an internal representation. Soupault would take the internal representation of the default config and override its options with values from soupault.conf if they were defined. Then it would leave the TOML hash available to plugins, but without any defaults in it.

The most annoying manifestation of that problem was that the config table as seen from the Lua code didn’t have deafult values, it only had what was explicitly set soupault.conf. Thus it would be unsafe to try retrieving config["settings"]["site_dir"] for example: if the user didn’t set it in the config by hand, that operation would return nil, not "site".

Well, not anymore. Now every option valid for the [settings] table is guaranteed to exist in config["settings"], so plugins don’t need to do their own default substitution anymore.

Bug fixes

TOML library reimplementation

On the surface, this looks like a small release. However, the change is much bigger on the inside. The long-promised new TOML library is half-finished. So far it lives inside the soupault repository, as if it was a vendored library. Right now it has complete data types, value lookup/update procedures, and a very flexible formatter. When the second part—as parser with human-friendly error reporting—is ready, I’ll take the library outside. Stay tuned for updates!

Website refresh

Last but not least, you might have noticed the updated website look. The idea and most of the new CSS belong code to toastal. The most important improvement is that together we figured how to get rid of the image header and replace it with properly scalable SVG plus styled text, so that it works on screens of literally any size. Additionally, the website now supports dark mode, for those who prefer it.