Soupault 2.7.0 release

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Soupault 2.7.0, is available for download from my own server and from GitHub releases. It adds a new wrap widget, ability to disable any widget in the config, and support for multiple build profiles.

The wrap widget

The new wrap widget allows wrapping certain elements in an HTML snippet. This may be useful to avoid additional templates, or to fix up something in a legacy page.

For example, this configuration will wrap the <main> element of a page in a <div class="main-wrapper">.

  widget = "wrap"
  wrapper = """ <div class="main-wrapper"> </div>"""
  selector = "main"

How about wrappers that have nested elements? Since there’s no way to automatically decide which exact element to insert the target in, you’ll need to specify the wrapper_selector option in that case.

  widget = "wrap"
  wrapper = """
  <div class="text-3xl"> 
    <div class="font-bold"> 
      <div class="text-red-200" id="innermost-div">
  selector = "#wrap-me-up"
  wrapper_selector = "#innermost-div"

Thanks to JP Lew and Anton Bachin for input and testing this feature.

Multiple build profiles

Originally, you could only specify one build profile using soupault --profile someprofile. However, this can be quite limiting. Sometimes you may want to enable different sets of widgets independently.

Suppose you have this config:

  profile = "live"

  profile = "debug"

Now you can make both widgets run by calling soupault --profile live --profile debug, in addition to being able to run them independently.

Disabling widgets

Now it’s possible to disable any widget by adding disabled = true to its config. This is much easier than commenting out an entire widget.